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Your Partner For Vacuum Cup in Polyurethane


After working for nearly 15 years with one of the Europe’s leading international vacuum technology companies, I have now started my company: Flexy Vacuum Cups Pte Ltd. My position in the previous company was as strategic purchasing manager, for which I spent 5 years setting up a production plant in Asia as well as sourcing mechanical parts there for more than 10 years.

My Experience

During this time I was also sourcing vacuum cups in Europe and Asia. Consequently, I have extensive experience and knowledge within this product range from the manufacturing, quality and logistics point of view. I am also fully aware that customers buying “branded“ vacuum cups are paying a high price, which many realize, but find it difficult to source less expensive, high quality vacuum cups. It seems also that vacuum cups in PU are more and more demanded on the market.

Easy and Simple to Use

Therefore my business idea is quite simple: To be your sourcing & logistic partner for high quality vacuums cups in polyurethane at competitive prices.


Profit and Flexible

From my long experience of purchasing I know also how you want to be treated as a customer. The Flexy Vacuum Cups business is based on the simple fact that “we have the suppliers and you have the customers”.

How We Work

Flexy Vacuum Cups is a Singapore registered sales and marketing company specializing in industrial vacuum cups in polyurethane. We work closely with our manufacturing partners in low-cost countries and have our central warehouse in Singapore. We always have a certain standard number of cups in stock, but also welcome new customized projects that can be produced exclusively for our customers. Low tooling costs and a short delivery time to provide samples are among our many advantages. We can also help you with sourcing of various mechanical parts.


Our business philosophy is to be independent, open-minded and flexible.

2.5 Bellow vacuum cup

Make Our "CombiFlex" PU Cups!
 We also have a unique process of bonding diferent hardness together which means you get a frm bellow/body in
combination with a soft lip. This makes the cups stable and durable with excellent sealing properties.
It is very well known among vacuum users that the bellow cups like 1.5 & 2.5 are used all over the world in diferent
material for diferent applications. However bellow in Dual hardness is more rare and unique. We can now ofer you to
complete your existing program with dual hardness. For bigger volumes you can also get them in your own company
colors and of course customize your own dual hardness cup. 

Vacuum Cups Applications! 
Our PU vacuum cups are widely used in automated automobile assembly plants, labelling and printing, plastic, packaging,
robot, medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, materials handling and many other industrial applications where
pick-and-place methods are employed.
Whether on a short or long runs, for custom or standard design we can quote customized cups from your supplied drawings.



We have just release new product for 1.5 bellow dual shore large lip for support wide range application please find on our product page on link.

15P Series Flexy Dual Shore 1.5 Bellow Large Lips