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Flexy vacuum cups

Vacuum Cups

We also have a unique process of bonding different hardness together which means you get a firm bellow/body in combination with a soft lip. This makes the cups stable and durable with excellent sealing properties. It is very well known among vacuum users that the bellow cups like 1.5 & 2.5 are used all over the world in different material for different applications. However bellow in Dual hardness is more rare and unique. We can now offer you to complete your existing program with dual hardness. For bigger volumes you can also get them in your own company colors and of course customize your own dual hardness cup.

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

Vacuum generator very important for vacuum system and we have vacuum generator for low cost and simple to use with vacuum system.
• Compact Ejector
• Easy to install
• Direct mount to vacuum cups
• High vacuum level

Level Compensator

Spring Level Compensator

Spring leveler made from high precision and high grade material from professional OEM. So we have many application use our spring leveler.
Our spring level compensator you will find in the stroke from 20 mm to 75 mm .
Our spring level compensator for handling of workpieces with difference height and prevent easily damaged workpieces.
Avialable both of internal spring and external spring

New Release Product

We have update and improve more product and add new design for more functions in customer request.

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We have just release new product for 1.5 bellow dual shore large lip for support wide range application please find on our product page on link.

15P Series Flexy Dual Shore 1.5 Bellow Large Lips